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Beatriz Fernández Martinez

Beatriz Fernández Martínez, founding professor of KopKunKaa Alicante and later on KopKunKaa Osteopathy and International Therapies Center at Mechelen, was taught in Thailand by different internationally recognized schools:

  • Osteopathy by the Atlantic European University.
  • Diploma in Yamamoto Craniopuncture.
  • Diploma in Nuad Bo-Rarn, Thai massage teacher en ITM. Thailand.
  • Diploma in Chi Ni T´Sang (Abdominal Taoist Massage) Teacher en Ong’s school. Thailand.
  • Diploma in Thai Foot Reflexology. Teacher at ITM. Thailand.
  • Diploma in Foot Reflexology at Ong’s School. Thailand.
  • Diploma in Tok Sen at Jindamanee. Thailand
  • Diploma in Pindas Massage at Spa ITM. Thailand.
  • Diploma of attendance to the course of Human Anatomy at the “Faculty of Medicine in Thailand”
  • Advanced RTT Member.
  • Diploma in Acupuncture for Aesthetics and Cosmetics at Shiatsu Yasuragi. Madrid.
  • Degree of muscle rehabilitation at the European Institute of Health and Fitness. Benidorm
  • Senior technician in Massage, specialization in Sports Chiromassage at Cim training. Alicante
  • Usui Reiki Master by the Spanish Reiki Federation.
  • Shamballa Reiki Teacher.

Beatriz is an open-minded woman who loves to travel and meet people from different cultures.

She is respectful and carries with her a bit of each of the different countries she has known so far.

With the purpose of teaching and keep on learning on her path in Life, she created this small space, where she intends to form a small big family to share and receive the kind of knowledge that enrich us internally and thus lead us to our balance and inner well-being .

Because you are, I am.

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