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Massage Courses

The Thai Massage techniques and other International Therapy courses taught at the Kopkunkaa center in Mechelen can be done individually and/or in groups (up to a maximum of 8 students). The schedules will be updated monthly, depending on availability (if you want private individuals, to do so, contact me).

We can also move the courses to the location you prefer in case of forming a minimum group of 4 persons (maximum is 8, no matter how much capacity the space allows, to ensure the quality of the training).

You can opt for the homologated diploma from Thailand at the end of the course. This requires a photocopy of your passport and two passport photos. The total cost of processing and shipping of said diploma is 60€, which would be added to the total of the course taken.

All former students of the KOPKUNKAA Osteothai Massage Center will have at their disposal by appointment, 2 free hours per week, under the teacher’s observation, to practice and pose questions.

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